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La vida, el amor y las relaciones son complicados y entendemos que hay veces que una mujer necesita un amigo que diga la verdad para ayudar a decidir qué hacer. Por más de 35 años, ChoiceOne ha sido un recurso confiable y asesor para mujeres que enfrentan las complicaciones de las relaciones. Nuestro equipo de mujeres, consejeras profesionales y de pares, y personal médico, comprende de manera única los conflictos del corazón y las preocupaciones médicas con respecto al embarazo, las infecciones de transmisión sexual y los problemas de relación.

ChoiceOne está diseñado pensando en usted. Todos nuestros servicios son gratuitos y confidenciales. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarlo a resolverlo todo y brindarle servicios de apoyo que pueden ayudarlo a superar y equiparlo para seguir adelante con coraje y esperanza.

ChoiceOne cree en un enfoque holístico de la atención y, por lo tanto, hemos reunido al mejor equipo con amplios conocimientos y recursos. Creemos que un enfoque de cuidado de cuerpo, mente y alma es el mejor enfoque para tomar buenas decisiones y el núcleo de la paz y la salud.

  • STD Screening & Treatment
    How do you know if you have a STI?... The ONLY way to know is to get tested! STIs/STDs can be SILENT KILLERS. STI Symptoms: Many STIs are symptom free or the symptoms can be very mild or similar to other vaginal area conditions! Symptoms may not appear right away or they might come and go! Symptoms might go away! If you have had any type of sex with ONE or more partners, you can be exposed! Make your appointment now for your FREE STD SCREENING 1.800.497.TEST (8378)
  • Pregnancy Related Issues
    Pregnancy is a complicated time in a woman’s life. Planned or unplanned, pregnancy affects a woman at her core. At ChoiceOne we will try to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs throughout your pregnancy and beyond. ChoiceOne offers: Pregnancy Confirmation Testing Options Counseling Family and Relationship Counseling Prenatal Information Medical Referrals Maternity Preparation Education Labor and Delivery Education Infant Care Classes Early Childhood Education Programs Mom to Mom Mentorship Dad to Dad Mentorship Please call for information: 1.800.497.TEST (8378)
  • Pregnancy Testing
    Pregnancy Test- Up to 90% accurate. Our pregnancy tests are all lab-quality urine tests with instant results. These tests are accurate as early as 7 to 10 days after conception, usually before a missed period. Free & Confidential + Immediate Results A positive urine pregnancy test suggests a pregnancy, but should always be confirmed. Confirmation of pregnancy is available at ChoiceOne with a free ultrasound done by our caring medical team. You Should Know… 1 in 5 pregnancies will end naturally as a spontaneous abortion or miscarriage. Therefore, we advise all women to have an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy viability. To schedule your free pregnancy test and ultrasound just call: 1.800.497.TEST (8378)
  • Ultrasound Services
    Ultrasound – Know for Sure Ultrasound is the best tool to achieve pregnancy verification and fetal age. Did you know that some women have unnecessary abortions? Whether you plan to carry to term or terminate your pregnancy, it is important to know how far along you are and the status of your pregnancy. Though most pregnancy tests are very reliable, the only way to truly confirm the status of your pregnancy is by an ultrasound. With this information you can make sure that you receive the best care. Many women have had abortions they didn’t need because their pregnancy was not viable and they had miscarried before they even went for the procedure. An ultrasound can provide you with three very important pieces of information when considering your decision. 1. It will tell you if the pregnancy is in utero. Ectopic pregnancies occur when a pregnancy establishes outside of the uterus and if not detected, it can endanger your well-being, requiring emergency treatment. 2. It will tell you how far along you are in the pregnancy. There are various abortion methods depending on how many weeks pregnant you are. 3. It will tell you if the pregnancy is viable. Meaning, one that will continue under normal circumstances because 1 in 5 pregnancies end naturally through miscarriage. ChoiceOne offers FREE ultrasounds because we believe you have the right to know! Please call for information: 1.800.497.TEST
  • Parenting Classes & Baby Supplies
    Prenatal Workshops & OB/GYN Referrals Get the very best information on how to navigate the changes to your body and maintain a healthy pregnancy from our caring, trained nurses. ChoiceOne has relationships with so many physician care providers throughout the neighborhoods and hospitals within our serving area. Whether you have insurance or not – we can help you get the prenatal care you need! Parenting Classes Parenting classes are offered at ChoiceOne. Our parenting classes can answer your questions and help prepare you for when your baby comes home! Resources ChoiceOne is thrilled for you – and we are here to help meet your needs. We uniquely understand that hardship of preparing for your baby’s needs. At ChoiceOne we can help with maternity clothes, diapers, formula, baby clothes, and baby equipment. ChoiceOne offers free baby supplies and baby equipment if your find yourself in need. Make an appointment today to register with a caring counselor. 1.800.497.TEST
  • Counseling Services
    ChoiceOne has kind and caring peer counselors that are like wise friends always ready to help. Plus, you will have access to our professional counseling staff, all free of charge! At ChoiceOne, you can figure out your relationship issues, life choices, and find the resources you need to make positive life choices and move forward. At ChoiceOne we will help you BREATHE! You can trust ChoiceOne to help you navigate this time in your life. Please call for information: 1.800.497.TEST (8378) ChoiceOne is a great place to figure it all out. ​ Pregnancy Options / Relationship Issues Work & School Issues / Family Issues Post-Abortion Issues
  • Relationship Counseling
    Facing an unplanned pregnancy is really hard. So many women struggle with how to tell their partner, family, and friends. At Choice-One we offer relationship and family counseling. Dating can be confusing and at times dangerous. The counselors at ChoiceOne are like wise friends that can help you discern warning signs of disfunction and abuse. Knowing yourself and what you long for is a critical element for sharing a life with others that is fulfilling and joyful. Call today and explore the relationships in your life! Please call for information: 1.800.497.TEST (8378)
  • Post Abortion Recovery
    Struggling with your abortion, feeling alone and sad? We are here to help; you’re not alone… Please call for information: 1.800.497.TEST (8378)
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